My Transexual Wife (2008) - TS Malibu Barbie

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My Transexual Wife (2008) - TS Malibu Barbie

My Transexual Wife (2008)

Starring: Malibu Barbie
Categories: Shemale / Tranny
Date Added: 2008

A pretty sexy transexual Malibu is getting married today. All her life she played with dolls, curled her hair, wore dresses and waited for the man of her dreams. Just like in the fairytales. But things don't always go as planned. She tried being with a woman, was totally engaged. But sadly they didn't get to the finish line, but rather, broke down in midstream. Seems the complaint was the woman was too over bearing for such a sweet guy, but in sheep's clothing. Fast forward to last year when Malibu Barbie as the name she has adopted came out all the way for good and never looked back. She met a man, a white guy, she's African American as the story goes. Well she fell madly in love, head over heels, you know the kind where your head is spinning, lightheaded, get dizzy, can't eat, can't sleep. We've all been there before. But this was the real thing, the last stop, but the beginning of a beautiful existence together. And as luck would have it, the wedding dress looks as if it were painted on her supple body, with realistic small breasts with dark hard areolas, a firm hard cock when necessary, think they call that functional. But there's more, she wants it to work more than anything. More than life itself. So we will look in our happy bride and see just what all this hubbub is about. So pay attention and follow along in the story. It might just make you grab your hanky!

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